Project Description

The use of modern communication methods, or more traditional tools like paint brush or pencil, is made possible through a pressure rod, which is adjustable in length and tilt.

This light weight head protection is available in two sizes, and easy to adjust to differing head circumferences. It is made of soft leather (Weight ca. 250 g).

Product Contents:
Head protector with pressure rod

Well preserved motor activity of the head

Starlight Active

Comunication aid Starlight® Active

Technical details

Starlight® Active
Size 1 2
Article number C400001 C400002
Head circumference up to 53 cm from 53 cm
Starlight Active

Starlight® Active in built-in receptor for paint brush

Starlight Active

Starlight® Active adjustment possibility

Starlight Active

Fully adjustable receptor for rod, writing tool, paint brush etc.

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