Project Description

More security and dignity through an independent and secure use of the toilet.

Liftolet-Tilty works like a lift chair. The user is brought gently and smoothly into a sitting or standing position. A physiologically correct motion supports the user in the process of standing up. As the user is lifted, the seat is tilted to 25 degrees and raised forward. The raising process occurs easily by means of manual operation.

The aid can be installed without tools on all standard toilets and provides no hindrance to regular users. The height of the toilet seat can be adjusted or uneven floors accommodated easily via knobs on the feet. The support arms can be folded up.


Liftolet-Tilty – frontview

  • Steel frame for stable security – guaranteed safe, reliable and comfortable

  • Reduction of fall risk and prevention of injuries

  • Tool-free installation and height adjustment

  • Free-standing, fits on all standard toilet bowls, hanging or standing

  • Operation via mains power or battery possible

Suitable for…

  • Home care
  • Hospitals and hospices
  • Retirement and nursing homes

  • Rehabilitation centres and similar facilities
Liftolet Tilty

Liftolet-Tilty – for easy access, the support handles can be folded up.

Liftolet Tilty functionality

Sitting down and standing up in a physiologically correct motion, also for heavier persons.


Two buttons are situated on the remote control, for raising and lowering the toilet seat together with the support arms.

Sit down:
To sit down, firstly raise the toilet seat until one can comfortably sit down from a standing position onto the edge of the toilet seat. At the touch of a button, the seat and armrests are then simultaneously lowered to the standard toilet seat height. Thereby the user is lowered to his/hers normal seating position.

Stand up:
It is just as comfortable to stand up as it is to sit down. At the touch of a button, the seat and support arms are lifted upwards until the user is straightened up again.

The electrical equipment is spray water protected.


  • User-friendly remote control
  • Seat, easy to clean or disinfect

  • Height adjustment options (mains power, battery)
  • Height adjustable feet
  • Streamlined, space-saving design
Liftolet Tilty

Liftolet-Tilty – height and tilt adjustment

Technical details

Liftolet-Tilty Liftolet-Tilty Liftolet-Tilty Duo
Article number LT-1000-T LT-1000-TD
Lifting height support plate front cm 53.4 53.4
Lifting height support plate back cm 73.3 73.3
Angle of the support plate when extended Degrees 25° 25°
Electrical connection V 230 230
Electric drive with Linak V 24 24
Protection class IPX6 IPX6
Width between the support arms cm 45.4 45.4
Overall width cm 54.6 54.6
Overall depth cm 64.2 64.2
Seat height front cm 45.6 45.6
Seat height back cm 48.7 48.7
Seat height Degrees
Product weight kg 25.0 25.0
Maximum capacity kg 85.0 155.0
Starlight Secure Evo Basismodell

User-friendly remote control

Starlight Secure Evo Basismodell

Liftolet-Tilty can also be operated using a power pack (suitable for wall mounting).

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