Project Description

A great help for people who find it difficult to sit down and stand up. Liftolet fits onto most standard toilets without disadvantage for other users.

The WC seat lift can be subsequently installed. A base plate (option) can be fitted for places with floor fixing problems or for mobile use.

The lifting height is 40 cm higher from the normal seat height. The support arms can be folded up and equipped with the lifting operating function.

Liftolet mit Bodenplatte (Zubehör) und optional erhältlichen Pressalit-Stützklappgriffen

Liftolet with base plate (accessory) and optional available Pressalit® arm supports

  • Normal sitting height

  • No disadvantage for other users

  • Fits all toilet bowls (hanging or standing)

  • Also suitable for subsequent installation

Liftolet - easy acces and high adjustment

In all model variations the support handles can be folded up for easy access.

The seat height is individually adjusted to the height of the toilet bowl. The lifting height is 40.0 cm.

Hinsetzen und Aufstehen leicht gemacht, auch für schwere Personen.

Sitting down and standing up made easier, also for heavier persons.


Two buttons are situated in the support arms, for raising and lowering the toilet seat together with the support arms.

Sit down:
To sit down, firstly raise the toilet seat until one can comfortably sit down from a standing position onto the edge of the toilet seat. At the touch of a button, the seat and armrests are then simultaneously lowered to the standard toilet seat height. Thereby the user is lowered to his/hers normal seating position.

Stand up:
It is just as comfortable to stand up as it is to sit down. At the touch of a button, the seat and support arms are lifted upwards until the user is straightened up again.

Intimate care:
Liftolet is optionally available with an opening at the front of the seat, which allows intimate care in a practical manner. For this the seat should be slightly raised.

The electrical equipment is spray water protected.

Liftolet mit Bodenplatte (Zubehör) und optional erhältlichen Pressalit-Stützklappgriffen

Toilet paper holder  for Pressalit® arm supports

Liftolet push button

Push buttons embedded in the support arm, allow also weak hands to stop and switch. Emergency call button can be mounted front-end of the support arm.

Scope of delivery

  • Upward folding support arms, with operation buttons on both sides
  • Shapely, anatomically shaped seat with cover
  • Floor fixing


  • Base plate for mobile use and even places with floor fixing problems
  • Support arms Pressalit®
  • Toilet paper holder for support arms Pressalit®
Liftolet small model variant

Liftolet narrow model variant (LT-1000-S) with standard arm supports and base plate (accessory)

Technical details

Liftolet Standard Narrow
Article number LT-1000 LT-1000-S
Lifting height support plate cm 40.0 40.0
Lifting speed mm/s ca. 10 ca. 10
Electrical connection V 230 230
Electric drive V 24 24
Protection class (splash water protection) IPX4 IPX4
Width between the support arms cm 54.0 54.0
Overall width cm 80.0 68.5
Seat height *individually *individually
Product weight kg 75.0 55.0
Maximum capacity kg 150.0 150.0

*Depending on the mounted height of the toilet bowl.

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